Our Gourmet Box contains:
  • 6 Premium Ambrosia Apples*
  • 1 x 85g Honeycrisp Crispy Apple Chips Bag
  • 3 × 22g Crispy Apple Chip Bags (1 × Original, 1 × Cinnamon, 1 × Caramel Daze)
  • Apple Jelly
  • Lemon Honey
  • Apple Spice Tea 50g
  • Stainless Steel Tea Ball
  • Maple Leaf Syrup
  • Wellesley Apple Butter 125 ml


*We reserve the right to substitute apple variety based on availability and freshness.

Gift Boxes

Crisp and juicy, straight off the tree.

We Go Way Back

The Martins’ farming roots are deep; going all the way back to 1820 and a promise to Mother Nature that the fertile lands she placed in our hands would be tended forever with care and passion. Martin’s orchard grew from a hundred trees in 1971 to more than half a million trees on over 700 acres today. Here in our orchards, at the heart of Ontario’s beautiful countryside, we bring our passion to growing the most flavourful, richly colourful and extra–crisp apples you’ll find anywhere.